June 30, 2011

Master Bedroom Update

Its amazing to me how fast that feeling of "I never want to mask and paint another wall again" goes away. After painting our living room, guest bathroom and kitchen I never wanted to see another paint tray again. It wasnt too long, however, until those feelings were replaced by that desire to drastically change our room, and add our own personality to it. 

I knew I wanted it to be a bright yet soft blue. I loved the look I had seen in so many magazines, with the dusty blue walls and contrasting white furniture. So I started looking at paint colors and even bought a few samples. I painted the samples on cardboard like they told me and put it up against the white trim in the bedroom to see how it would look with the lighting we have etc.  

My camera doesn't take the best pictures so you may not even be able to see much of a difference. So ill try and explain (with my limited color lingo) what they looked like. The top color was called Ice Flower and was a really pretty blue but it definitely had shades of aqua in it which wasn't what I was wanting for our room. The bottom color was Lovely Blue. It ended up being a little more "washed out" I guess than what I wanted. So I ended up choosing the middle color called "Serene Sky." (You would think that I would have learned by now, that blue paint can be very deceiving. It can look very subtle and calm in a sample, but when you paint a whole room blue, it can very easily become overwhelming. But we will get to that later.)

So the BIL and I decided we would split up, he would paint the guest room, and I would paint my room. So off to Home Depot we went. We had decided weeks ago that we would paint the guest room the same grey as our kitchen so that was a piece of cake. And I, now sweating profusely, sick to my stomach and breathing out of what felt like a straw, asked the helpful lady to give my two gallons of a paint I wasn't totally confident in. That should have been my red flag right there. But I chalked it up to the fact that I would have a mini heart attack buying that much paint of even my favorite color.

So we got home and I started pushing everything to the center of the room. My wonderful BIL came in and masked everything, without me even asking! So I got to work.

Again another awful quality picture, but you get the gist of the progress. Oh, and I promise that is clean laundry in those baskets, but come on people, priorities! :) The whole time I was painting the room I had this internal struggle going on. Part of me was totally freaked out that it wasn't turning out the color I had pictured in my mind, the other part of me was determined to like it because I wasn't about to go out and buy two new gallons of paint. Even now, I still have that struggle. But I'm hoping that once I finish decorating it how I want it, Ill learn to love it even more. Don't get me wrong I still think it looks better than it was, its just not as "dusty" as I had planned it to be. Looking back now I see that I should have gotten a blue that had more grey undertones, but hindsight is always 20/20 right?!

So here it is today, nothing on the walls yet but that is my next project. And I'm still on the search for the perfect nightstand, but until then I'm using an old table we had sitting in the garage. So that's all for now, Ill be back soon to share with you the Sunburst mirror I made for our bedroom.


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