June 14, 2011

Old Window Decor

Recently we dug through the IL old barn to see what we could find. Boy did we score big! We found this beauty just waiting to be cleaned up and used.

 It was covered in dirt and mud nests, but I loved the symmetry of the windows so I knew it would be worth the work. I started by hosing and scrubbing it down to get all the dirt off. Let it dry for a few days in the sun. Then it was time for the fun part. I masked off all the window panes and started sanding away. (sorry no pictures, wasn't thinking). I gave it several coats of white paint and boy did she look nice! We distressed her up a little bit (oh yes only a girl could look this pretty) and hung her up on the wall.

We haven't really decided how we want to decorate around her. We happen to have these three plates that I had started collecting for a plate wall, so we have tried those. Were not sure what we want to put on the other side. More plates? maybe picture frames?

I think it looks so much better than what we had up there before, which was a tiny picture gallery with frames that were just too small for that big wall.

Any ideas for what to decorate around it?

1 comment:

  1. ah! so awesome you found that in the old barn! and you say there's no good antique stores up there! haha. love it :)