January 20, 2011

Ryans Bathroom

I have come to learn that when a man sets out to do a project, he doesn't pace himself, or go one step at a time. When his mind is made up to do something, he will do whatever it takes to get ALL of it done. Last weekend Ryan was home and decided he would do some work on his bathroom which also happens to be the guest bathroom. The bathroom was a not-so-cute brown on the bottom half, and a pale yellow on the top half. I figured he would slap some paint up and call it good. Oh no. I was wrong. He started out by ripping out all the trim and base around the whole bathroom.

Under the trim was this interesting layer of blue with what looked like blue smears on it?

He then added bead board which already made a drastic difference. He sprayed the bead board white, and since he already had the sprayer out, why not go ahead and do the cabinet to?  He picked out a dark blue paint that could have looked good in another room... in another house. But in this room, and in this house it just didnt work.

Maybe it was because he was distracted?

So the next time he decided it was a good idea to start out with the sample sizes. On the second go around he picked out an amazing dusty grayish/blue to go above the bead board. And while he was at Home Depot, he just so happened to see some vinyl wood flooring on clearance. So hey why not slap down some flooring while your at it.

The floor before the vinyl was laid

So after a three day weekend and staying up until two in the morning, the bathroom was done. Well almost done.


  1. Haha! I think it is specific to Ryan & Evan. The intense renovations. My life growing up was unfinished projects! Or it was just do what my Mom asked, even if it was against his better judgment and he had to do it over & over & over again! lol! Everything looks so good you guys! Counting down the days until I can see it in REAL life! xoxoxo

  2. Im sure it does have something to do with knowing how to do it all yourself. Or maybe it was because he has been gone for so long that he felt like he had to make up for lost time. lol

  3. I I love the floor--what is it? Is it a roll or planks?

  4. It was the planks from Home Depot!