June 13, 2011

Garage Cleanup

Well I am long overdue for a new post, and I have projects piling up just waiting to be written about. But first Ill show you the project that has helped all the other projects get done. The cleaning of our messy garage.

It all started when we moved into our new house. It was pouring down rain that day so everything got moved into the garage. Then after we moved into the house what we needed, the extra boxes of "stuff" got left out there. Then whenever we did a project in the house, the leftovers got shoved out there too, because well, it was already a mess. So this is what we ended up with...

This is the view when you first opened the door. Awful I know.

I promise were not hoarders!

ooh boy...

At first it seemed totally overwhelming. Where do you even start? Naturally, we picked a rainy day to work up the motivation, so we couldn't even start by moving stuff out into the drive way. So we started by moving all the junk stuff away from where we would be building shelving. I made a quick run to the store to get plastic tubs, hooks, and big garbage bags. The boys tore down the shelves that were there, (they weren't the best quality and not the size we wanted). They built us some new shelving and then we got to the hard stuff. We each picked a sector and got to work, filling up garbage bags and consolidating boxes that were half unpacked. We designated a section of a shelf to be for yard sale stuff too.

So here is the new shelving, and the view from the door...

We organized the painting supplies and tools to look like this...
(not a very good picture, sorry)

The BIL made a nice little coat rack for all the work coats/boots. Doesn't it look so much better!

We hung up all our bikes to save floor space, and made a little section for all our sporting goods.

And as you can see, we couldn't wait to start on some new projects now that we had all this wonderful space. Now does it still look like this today? Ahem, not quite but its no where near as bad as it was before. Its been so nice to go out there and not have to climb over a million boxes to get what you need. It was so worth spending our Saturday on. 

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