March 17, 2011

The Search For The Perfect Headboard

Lately I have seen so many neat ideas for DIY Headboards. Ive seriously considered making one for our master bedroom, and depending on how that goes making one for the guest room. Here are some of the lovely ideas I have found so far...

 How gorgeous is this! Using old fence wood, and then painting on whatever word you wanted. Or even leaving it blank would look great.

Here is an old mantle that has been boarded up and upholstered in the middle to make it solid. The only problem is I don't think I have the luck to find an old mantle but Ill be keeping my eyes out!

I love the stenciling in this headboard, actually I love everything about this room! 

Here is traditional tufted headboard, which would be so nice because it is padded. This would make sitting up in bed and reading so much more comfortable. (And don't you just love that chandelier!)

And oh to be so brave... Ive actually really come to like this color lately, but not sure if I have the guts just yet to attempt something so dark. I'm not even sure what this color would be called dark teal?
I cant remember where I found this picture, sorry! 

Or a simple framed headboard
Source Unknown

There are literally hundreds of ideas for shapes, sizes, fabrics, materials etc. out there to consider. Ive seen everything from wagon wheels to wallpaper, quilts to windows. You can use anything that gives the illusion of a headboard. In case you want even more ideas, here are some great ones at Tatertots and Jello.

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  1. Good post, you should blog more often! I think I'm going to steal the first idea, I LOOOOOVE IT!