February 14, 2011

Britna's Baby Shower

These last few weeks my mother in law and I have had so much fun planning my sister in laws baby shower. She has had so much going on in her life, with the building of a new house and preparation for moving, that we wanted to give her a day to relax and who doesnt love looking at that cute baby belly? They are wainting to find out the gender of the baby so we decided to use some of the colors she is doing in her nursery, which is white and grey. But we just had to throw a little color in there!

We went with the "nesting" theme which turned out so cute! We incorporated polka dots as well, since the mother to be really likes them (and they're gender neutral).

Janean made these adorable shadow boxes of the parents to be when they were babies, and from the looks of it, this new baby is bound to be the cutest thing ever!

Anyone who knows Brina knows she is the queen of baking. Her chocolate chip cookies are soooo irresistable, so naturally we had to make the party favors cookies in a jar.

We played some really fun games, like the string game. We asked each person to guess how much string it would take to fit around Britna and her belly. And what a confidence booster that was for Britna seeing as how every guest was at least 6 inches too long! It also gave every guest the opportunity to spend time with Britnas adorable baby bump.

 Next we did the "Who's That Baby?" game. On the invitation we asked every guest to bring a baby picture of themselves. After they all arrived I put them up on this bulletin board for all the guests to come on up and guess who was who. This game was hard! Well for everyone but our Aunt Jan who guessed 8 out of 9! And the only one she missed, she was only one sibling off! It was so cute to see everyones adorable baby face. 

Next was the presents! There were tiny onsies, and fuzzy home-made hats, little hooded towels, and baby shampoo. Below Margaret made her the blanket of her dreams. All of the presents were straight from the heart, and will be so helpful in preparing for this baby. They say it takes a village to raise a baby, but even more so it takes a village to fill a nursery!

 We had cupcakes that looked like little nests with jelly bean eggs, and the most delicious tea sandwiches.


 Here is three generations of wonderful women!

Here we are, the party planners! We are quite the team! 

 We are so grateful for everyone who was able to make it. You all made it such a special day. Now if only March 12th could get here a little faster! Come on baby we cant wait to meet you already!

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  1. What a beautiful shower! Lucky Britna to have such a wonderful family! Can't wait to hear when the baby comes....