January 19, 2011

Along came Ryan

Once upon a time, Ryan, (Evans older brother) came to us with a proposition. He had been wanting to buy a home for awhile but his loan qualification wasnt enough to get something decent. So he asked us if we would be interested in going in on a house together. We jumped at the opportunity because we knew that it would be such a good investment. We decided we would all live together in an apartment first, to see how we got along and save up money. This is when our wonderful cousin, who is a real estate agent, found an amazing deal for us. One of the ladies that she worked with was trying to rent out a house that was going to be going into forclosure. But with the mass amounts of forclosed homes, this one had been overlooked. We grabbed at the opportunity and moved into a 3 bedroom 2 bath home, rather than another tiny apartment.

We lived there for almost a year when we found our home. We went through all the usual hassel that comes with buying a home. The walk thru's in the pouring rain, getting our offers denied on houses we really liked,  digging up all of the neccesary paperwork etc. This house was no different. We put an offer in, and several months later we finally heard back. We then recieved the news that if we didnt act fast this house would go into forclosure. Which would mean that we would have to wait for the forclosure process to finish and then start all over. We scrambled to get all the paperwork turned in on time. We were told that we would be in the house by the end of the year. We were so excited! It just so happend that my husband would be getting a three day weekend for new years so we would be all hands on deck for moving day.

 Then we were told that the appraiser messed up. The underwriter wouldnt be able to get the paperwork done in time to finish by the end of the year. Not only were we bummed that we wouldnt get the house as soon as we wanted, that also meant that all our moving plans were going to change. Ryan was working out of town for the week, so it looked like we were going to be on our own. We would have to be moving at night after Evan got off work. We couldnt believe it!

Then a miracle happened. On December 30th at 10:30 a.m. we got the call. Our underwriter was able to get the paperwork done, and we needed to get down to the title office and get all the papers signed and turned in by noon. We all rushed down there, Ryan coming in from out of town, and signed until our hands were numb. That afternoon we got the keys.

So now the fun stuff really gets started. Now its time for paint, and decorating. And making this empty house our home.

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