January 17, 2011

First comes love, then comes a Marriage

Then there were two. After a century ahem, a year long engagement, on a hot September day, we were finally married.

We were so excited to start our lives together. To live the fairytale life and live happily every after. Happy we were but, a fairytale? Far from it. We started out in a tiny one bedroom apartment, with hand-me-down furniture and an empty fridge. My husband was working construction at the time, or at least attempting to, and work was scarce. There would be weeks in a row where he wouldnt have any work at all. Which, at first, was fun that he was able to stay home with me, that is until the paycheck came. hehe. We learned what it was like to live off frozen chicken and rice a roni.

Looking back Im thankful for those days, because I know that it stregthened our marriage. It strengthened our relationship with God and it helped us to grow up, fast. And we still love chicken and rice a roni!

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