June 19, 2012

Kick up your feet

Today I thought I would share with you a before and after of one of my favorite pieces. I got an old antique foot stool from my mom and couldn't wait to fix it up.

As you can see it was definitely showing its age. Not only in the wear and tear but with the outdated fabric. But I knew this baby had true potential.

 The foot stool was originally a foot warmer with a built in heating element. Unfortunately it no longer worked :( But I was glad to see the lid lifted up for extra storage, cant have too much of that!

 I loved reading the warnings and seeing how much things have changed. They went along the lines of.. "If this foot stool catches on fire because you have used it irresponsibly, that's not our problem." Haha. 

So I took out the old heating element, tore off the fabric and old foam, took out the bottom of the storage compartment (It was cut completely wrong) and started fresh. Its amazing what a new coat of paint, and some new fabric can do!

I just cant get enough of linen! It is so versatile and gorgeous.

I almost want to keep this beauty for myself!

Without further adieu, here is a before and after shot for you...

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  1. Cute! Really diggin' the linen!
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