June 5, 2012

Feeling Bold

Once word started getting around that I was going to start painting furniture my mom came to me and said, " I have a bunch of old antique furniture in my storage that you are welcome to paint up and sell." But this is what I actually heard. "Free...come and get free antique furniture." So we went to her storage and I grabbed three beauties. One of them being this end table.

I loved the retro styling, its not something you see all that often anymore.

I knew upon seeing it that just the traditional white or grey (my go to colors) wouldn't fit the personality of this table. So I knew I needed to go bold. *shudder*

As you can see it had some pretty severe damage to the top. The veneer was flaking off and parts of it were lifting off and needed to be glued down. So I went to town with a putty knife scraping all the old veneer off and glued down and clamped the parts that were lifting up. I sanded it all down, but decided I was going to try skipping the priming stage and going right into painting it. At Home Depot I instantly fell in love with the color called Plumage by Martha Stewart.

I lightly distressed the corners and edges, but didn't like the light wood showing through. So I dipped a q-tip in some dark stain and rubbed it over the exposed wood. I love the way this one turned out and am not surprised it became my first sale!

The only problem now is I am second guessing my first instinct to paint everything white! I guess that may not be a real problem :)

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  1. That was the perfect color for it! I love it!