December 19, 2011

The Story of the Slipcovers

I am so excited to share this project with you guys. It took the blood, sweat and tears of Britna, Janean and myself but it turned out amazing. So without further ado here is how the story goes.


Once upon a time there was a very sweet Queen, named Queen Britna of Forrest Ranch, who was going to throw a royal Thanksgiving feast, when she realized she needed more seating in her castle for all her guests. So she hunted all over her kingdom for the perfect chairs and fell in love a pair of blue wing backs. But the evil used shop owner would not make a deal with the queen, but instead wanted her to pay with most of her royal treasury. The wise queen said no, and thought "I should bring my sister in law, Duchess of Redding, to help me find a new pair of perfect chairs." So that is what the queen did, and the duchess pointed out a two of these...

(They had seat cushions of course but we were eager to get started before the local artist got around to painting the picture)

The queen saw them and said "Those will be perfect!" So the queen and the duchess bought the fabric and headed back to the palace to start what they thought would be an easy project. The queen invited the help of a neighboring queen and world famous seamstress Queen Janean of Ono. All together they started measuring, cutting, and pinning

Side by side the queens worked constructing arm panels, making cushions, creating ruffles and more. And even when there fingers got pricked or there crowns fell askew they never got discouraged.

Meanwhile, the Duchess was busy pinning piping, cutting out panels and making trips into town. But the Duchess' most important job was to take care of the Prince. 

The Prince had jobs of his own of course, he was to test the quality of the fabric, and keep the machinery in working order.

So for 4 days the royal family worked, stopping only to eat and sleep. They didn't even mind it when the castle got a little messy for the end was in sight.

When all the sewing was done, and all the thread in the castle had been used up, this is what they ended up with...

The two queens and the Duchess wept with joy at having finished the project, even the Prince was happy to hear the sewing machines stop there whirring. 

Queen Britna got the chairs of her dreams just in time for the Thanksgiving Feast, Queen Janean was able to get her carriage to pick up her King at the airport on time and the Duchess Katlyn got her crafting fever taken care of and returned home to her King... and they all lived happily ever after. :) 


  1. creative! (in your story writing AND in your project!). thanks for posting :)

  2. Wow!! What a GREAT slipcover & fun delivery :o) I'm inspired.

  3. Thank you Laura, it was a great learning experience thats for sure!

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