June 26, 2013

Nursery Chair

Several months ago I visited my mom and sister while they were having a yard sale, just to visit and of course bring some Starbucks. Cant get through a yard sale without some good ol' Starbucks. Of course whenever you are near a yard sale you just cant help but look around. Well hidden in the back corner of the drive way was an old upholstered chair my mom had had in storage for years. It wasn't much to look at just your ordinary old velvet chair, but as soon as I sat in it I knew I had to have it. It is so comfortable!! So my mom was generous enough to give it to me, and my husband was sweet enough to come and pick it up in his truck, and home it went!
Now I've never reupholstered a chair like this before. Sure I've done my fair share of dining room chair cushions and even helped make some slipcovers (story here) but never a project this big. I will now be the first to admit I went into this project totally naïve! I looked online for some tutorials and they made it sound like a piece of cake. Maybe their chairs were easier, or maybe they had more experience but, naturally, my chair wasn't really like the chairs on any tutorial. So a lot of guess work took place let me tell ya.
Here is the chair before I started...
Not bad, just a little dated. So I started snapping pictures from every angle, as the tutorial suggested I do. This step was supposed to be a reference of where everything goes, and how it was all put together. But I didn't take nearly enough pictures of the stuff that matters. Something you would only know if you had done this before.
Since I didn't know the gender of the baby when I started this chair, I just decided to go with a really neutral fabric. I hope it doesn't get too stained up, and I do plan to throw a cute blanket over it to try and help protect it some.
Here is the finished result....


 Thank goodness babies don't know what straight seams are and don't love you any less if you aren't a top seamstress!! One thing you can't see in this picture is the row of bronze nail head trim that goes down the side of the arms, which adds a little bit more personality.
The one thing that did stay intact through this whole project is the comfort of this chair. Which is fantastic because I envision myself spending many a night rocking our little boy in this chair, or reading him bed time stories.
Here is a side by side...
I'm just so relieved that this project is finally done and I can move onto the more exciting projects like dying onsies and making cute bow ties. ;)


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