October 6, 2011

Dining Room Chairs

So I never did show you all how our dining room chairs turned out after I reupholstered them! If you remember they were stained and old and looked like this...

Ewww! Not pretty.

Well after a little bit of work they now look like this!

I am so happy with the way they turned out. It was so easy to recover them and made such a dramatic difference. As I mentioned here I really wanted to try sewing on a stripe of lace down the center of the seat, because I loved the look of this chair.

So on one of the chairs I tried it.

It was pretty, but it just didn't look right with the style of the chair. Maybe when we buy a new dining room set that has a more country styled chair I can try this again. But as for now Ill just stick with the plain linen. :)

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