August 26, 2011

Our New Addition

Before you get too excited, no were not having a baby... but almost as exciting. We've made our own coffee table! What? That's not as exciting? Well anyway, we were getting tired of our furniture store table with its shiny wood and "one of a million" look. So we decided to make our own. I looked through my ever growing inspiration folder and remembered this little beauty...

We were so excited to see a stack of old fence boards on the side of our house when we bought it. And they have contributed to quite a few projects now. I knew we wanted to personalize the table a little bit, and fit it to our needs. We have always liked the idea of a storage ottoman, but knew it would be hard to keep one clean. So often our coffee table is used more as a foot rest than anything else, so it needed to be durable and something that could hide dirt. Well it doesn't get much better than old wood.

The BIL started by building the interior frame, then nailed the fence boards to the outside. He constructed a lid and used two big black door hinges. He drilled two holes on each side, and looped through and knotted big rope. It ended up looking something like this...

There is so much room inside to store games, blankets, pillows, magazines or anything else I fancy!

It really fits in with the rest of the decor. It has some of the brown from the couches, and even has a little blueish grey like the walls.

Were really happy with the way it turned out. Eventually we would like to get some bigger hinges that go on the outside, but no biggie.

p.s. I am aware that the shelf is off centered, we recently rearranged our furniture and haven't gotten around the moving it yet. We would like to put something different on that wall altogether. Any ideas?

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  1. I really like the way this turned out ... Great job!!!!

  2. Thank you very much, I appreciate that!

  3. I love how that turned out! It really does pick up the colors in the room nicely.