August 3, 2012

Luggage and Plant Stand

Luggage and Plant Stand... Both stands, both totally different shapes, and totally different styles, but both were smaller projects so they will both be featured together today. :)

 The luggage stand was given to me by my mom. It was the typical dated luggage stand with the ugly old fashioned upholstery ribbon and scratched up wood.

After many failures and even more lessons learned I transformed it into this...

I still swoon when I see that burlap ribbon.

The before and after:



Now on to the plant stand. When I saw it in an old antique store it was a little rickety, but I bought it anyway. When I got home Ryan instantly told me, "You should just throw this thing away." Oh ye of little faith! After I cleaned it up I realized the screws were a bit loose (on the table not me) and once they were tightened the table was sturdy as ever!

A friend of mine, and one of my new favorite antique shopping buddies, told me that I should try doing something cheery and someone was bound to buy it. I was hesitant at first (I'm more of a white and grey kinda girl) but I just so happened to have some yellow paint on hand so why not give it a try?

Now I think it is so much fun! Of course I had to add a little of my own personality with the distressing but it was so neat to step out of my comfort zone and try something new.
So here is the before and after on this sunny number...



When was the last time you tried something new?

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