November 21, 2011

Lets Try That Again

We've been at it again! We got that itch to do some painting around here again, and we are all loving the results. When we originally decided to paint our living room blue, we were more than a little nervous. We were afraid that it would look overwhelming, or like you just walked into a big blue ice box. So we played it safe and only painted three walls. We left the entryway and the half wall white to try and balance it out.

We had so much trouble adding some color and personality to that wall, and what you cant see from this picture is that to the left of this wall is the full white bead board wall of our dining room, which you can see here. So if you were sitting in the living room, all you saw was white. Boring!!

While I masked off the space, Ryan starting ripping off the old ugly trim.

Then I got to work painting the entryway and half wall.

 Not only did we paint the walls but we added a fresh coat of white paint to the back of the doors, and we added the new trim.

 Isn't it beautiful?!

It adds so much more personality to that area now that its not just white, and we may or may not be adding some kind of wainscoting to that wall in the future ;)

On on a side note, we also continued down that wall and painted the hallway! Since we recently had a computer switch I don't have a before picture for you :( But just picture a creamy yellow-ish tan color = not cute. We decided to keep it simple and go for a soft white. I looked on one of my favorite blogs Perfectly Imperfect, where she had listed all of her paint colors in her house. She used the color White Diamond quite a bit, so we knew we were getting a color that was tried and true.

 It brightened up the hallway and even made the light look less "orangey" colored. We had to replace the old thermostat, because next to the new white paint it looked yellowed and ugly. We just cant have that now can we? :) This hallway is a bit of a decorating difficulty. On the largest wall is the doorbell box and the thermostat which doesn't leave much room for hanging things. Any ideas? 


  1. There is such satisfaction to a new coat of paint! This looks like a fantastic color!

  2. So true! Paint is such an instant gratification type of project. I absolutely love this color, its Behr Ozone 25% lighter.